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Me Being Possibly Sick
Jack - Hero
Well, I thought I might have bronchitis again. Well, it turns out that i do not, I actually have Teitz's Disease, Which is actually just inflamation in the bones that connect to my sternum. Its uncomfortable to breath in at times but I just have to take some Advil and get some rest and I should hopefully, be all better! YAY....Also a side not i haz a skin fungus thats why my chest is all spotty, so i hast to use anti-fungal cream and some shampoo and that should get rid of the spots in time.....YAY.....I am thanksfull for Take Care Health Clinic's in Walgreens.

Hurray For cheap health care.

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Oh shaun I love you and your spots. And reading comfusing blog posts. :D

Well Duh, i has to has confusing blog posts cause thats what is like inside my head.

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