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Jack - Hero

It's Everything! Love It!

My Life, Views, & Reviews

My New Toys
Jack - Thinking
Okay, So I got a few new toys!

1. MSI - Netbook
My new laptop for school and other things, run XP, so far no problems does everything and more, super small and shiny.

2. My new phone
I got a Blackberry 8900 from T-Mobile - Super sleek and shiny, the smallest and thinest blackberry.

3. My new 8gb iPod Nano
Blue 8GB iPod Nano - 4th Gen. Pretty much self explanitory.

So yeahs, been a couple of weeks since my last post. needs to be better and make new posts.

My User Pics
Master - Approves
Thanks! For Everyone Whom I Took User Pics and Custom Mood Theme. Thanks, If You would like credit Just post your name in a comment! THANKS!!!!


Me Being Possibly Sick
Jack - Hero
Well, I thought I might have bronchitis again. Well, it turns out that i do not, I actually have Teitz's Disease, Which is actually just inflamation in the bones that connect to my sternum. Its uncomfortable to breath in at times but I just have to take some Advil and get some rest and I should hopefully, be all better! YAY....Also a side not i haz a skin fungus thats why my chest is all spotty, so i hast to use anti-fungal cream and some shampoo and that should get rid of the spots in time.....YAY.....I am thanksfull for Take Care Health Clinic's in Walgreens.

Hurray For cheap health care.

Only Feelings
Jack - Hero
If I could only really say it out loud and understand these things that come from my dreams, I know they are only dreams but sometimes I can't help but feel, that they are real that the really did happen, hoping that it sometimes that it actually did happen, I've tried to remeber some of them and I rarely do but I remembered one! It was not *cough*cough*cough* dream, but feeling, happy, safe, content, excited, love, passion, fun, hilarity, that's why it is so confusing, it incorporated many things true today but also things of fantasy, the person resembeled someone I know and care about, I care about all my friends and family. We will see how things go but for now I am happy, I needed to get this off my chest and now I have. If anyone reads this, it is just a vent, nothing more, nothing less, think nothing of it. Thanks, SWP

My New Blog
Jack - Thinking
Yep, This is my new one, I know I have had a few others in the past, not really kept up with them but I am a bit more focused on keeping one this time, good way to post things for my self other or just to post and get things off of my chest, I don't want people to take my things completely personal at times cause these will be personal, so if you don't to be hurt don't thing of them but anything as my own personal thoughts that you would not normally other wise hear, or know if I did not type them down.